The benefits that are gained from RIM FIRE’s sparking gasket system is undeniable. The market and environmental potential are irrefutable. A first right of refusal on different levels of business with RIM FIRE is being offered. The RIM FIRE project desires a joint development initiative with one or more of the multinational OEM’s. Further, Agajanian Performance Products, LLC offers an opportunity to participate exclusively in the RIM FIRE project

Conducting certified EPA tests may be the most prudent venture yet. Mandates and valuable Carbon Credits are potentially available for the utilization of this ground breaking technology.

Licensing products is definitely doable within the year while market realization is achievable within two years. The RIM FIRE sparking gasket system is an unconventional and revolutionary global solution that promises to drive renewed passion into the very heart of a corporate team and its shareholders. 

More importantly, it promotes more efficient combustion, increasing fuel economy and reducing hydrocarbon emissions.